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ACD - Accountants, Auditors & Bookkeepers

Accounting services, accompanying legal and tax procedures along with Government Authorities. National and International companies assisted.


The personalized Outsourcing solutions provided by ACD save our clients time, allowing them to focus on their core business. In order to do that, we rely on an experienced team, comprised of accountants, tax experts, attorneys and financial managers. The services can be executed at clients premises or ours, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Our services include:

• Bookkeeping based on local or International accounting frameworks
• Payroll preparation and labor/social security compliance
• Tax Management/Compliance
• Financial Management
• Human Resources and Support Services
• Accounting Advisory
• We can support you in bookkeeping, payroll calculations and accountancy and tax-reporting obligations.
• Our teams can also handle management accounting and accounting-related processes.
• You can then reinvest the money you have saved by outsourcing back into your business, allowing you to better develop your equipment or train your people.

Our advisers are qualified to understand the federal, state and city tax legislation, ensure an adequate compliance with them and minimize the tax burden, without increasing corporate risks.

Our highly skilled team of professionals specialized in Accounting, Tax, Finance, and Payroll is led by João Bosco, Accountant. His background includes "Big Four" accounting experience and 10 years with audit.

Your financial statements and other reports are all prepared in English.